What is a personal organiser?

A Personal Organiser is just like a Personal Assistant but for home, work and everything in between - a lifestyle concierge! This is someone who has a passion for organising and a can-do attitude, helping clients with lifestyle management and many other services that sometimes can get the better of you. Girl Friday is the leading personal organiser in Darwin and the Northern Territory.

...a Personal Assistant but for home, work and everything in between...

We are constantly adding to our service list.

I need help with something but I don’t see it listed in services?

What’s listed is a sample variety of services we offer. At Girl Friday we understand each client is different and are constantly adding to our list. No matter how small or large the job might seem we encourage you to contact us.

Can I make it a weekly/monthly service?

Absolutely! We offer bill paying services, reminders and day to day planning. It comes down to each client and their specific need. This is something we discuss with each client at the first initial meeting.

...it comes down to each individual client and their specific need...

It’s as simple as contact us, tell us what you’ve got in mind...

How does it work?

In basic terms, the things you often don’t like doing or sometimes can’t handle, we take care of. It’s as simple as contacting us, tell us what you’ve got in mind and any specific details and from here we provide a quote. If the quote is accepted we like to meet for no more than 15 minutes to source as much information as necessary such as your budget, timeframe and any other requirements. Then sit back, relax and leave the rest to us.